Nine Apps Seniors Should Know

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Just because the first time you used a phone it had a dial and a curly cord, doesn’t mean you don’t know your way around a smartphone. But new apps are being developed every day, and they’re not just for kids. Check out these nine apps that can help you manage everything from time with family to your medication to the age-old problem of what to do with all those gifts of art from the grandkids.

Cozi Family Organizer

Available for iOS and Android, Cozi Family Organizer offers features such as a shared digital family calendar, a family journal to share pictures and memories, shopping and to-do lists, and even the schedules of your favorite sports teams. You’ll never have to miss another of your granddaughter’s soccer games, or remind your son that he was going to drive you to the eye doctor next Wednesday thanks to the app’s reminders and alerts.


You may have heard of Lumosity, a site with brain-training games designed to help you stay cognitively fit. With over 50 games, Lumosity can help to do for your mind what exercise does for your body. The app is available for iOS and Android. The app gives you a baseline result that compares your performance to that of others your age and recommends ways to train your brain.


You’ve been prescribed a number of medicines, but they can’t work if you don’t take them. Medisafe is an app that educates patients about their conditions and medications and offers progress reports and tips, as well as a “virtual pillbox” where users can see what medications they’ve taken and what’s due to be taken next. Medisafe also offers digital reminders to take your medicine, and allows you to designate a “Medfriend” who will be alerted if your compliance slips and can help keep you on track. Medisafe is available for iOS and Android.


Another option for staying on track of your medications is Pillboxie, available only for iOS. Pillboxie boasts a visual way to manage your meds, allowing you to drop images of your pills into a virtual pillbox to avoid mixing up names and appearances of pills. You can track doses and frequency of each medication and set reminders to let you know when it’s time to take your meds.


Whether you’re living the high life in retirement or on a fixed income, managing your finances effectively will help you live better. Enter Mint, a money management app for iOS and Android that helps you create budgets, track and pay bills, and even check on your credit score. Alerts from the app help remind you when payments are due and avoid late fees.


Reading small print in low light (like menus in restaurants) can be a challenge even with your glasses. EyeReader, available for iOS, uses your phone’s LED light to illuminate and allows you to zoom in on images using the phone’s touch screen. Never struggle to read instructions on a medicine bottle or misread the due date on a bill again.

Senior Savings

Aside from grandchildren, one of the biggest perks of getting older is the availability of senior discounts! Senior Savings, available only for iOS, helps you find restaurants, hotels, theaters, museums,. grocery stores and more that offer senior discounts. Billed for those over 50, the app tells you how old you need to be to receive a given discount, and what restrictions apply.


You love receiving those precious drawings and paintings from your grandkids, but…there’s only so much room on the front of the fridge! The ArtKive app, available for both iOS and Android, lets you preserve images of each masterpiece so you can keep it forever (and show it off to friends) without getting buried under an avalanche of construction paper.


All of these innovative apps are of little use to you if you can’t find the phone to which you’ve uploaded them! If you have an iPhone, you can use FindMyiPhone to locate your phone from any other iOS device, such as an iPad or a family member’s iPhone. Users have reported that the “sound” feature allows them to hear the phone from several yards away.

There are many other useful apps, most of which are low-cost or even free. You can use them to stay in touch and see distant family members (Skype), listen to music that YOU like, not just what’s on the radio (Spotify), or get some information on that new bistro in town you’ve been meaning to try (Yelp). You may even find a new app to share with your kids or grandkids.

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