Frequently Asked Questions About Medicaid Planning And Long Term Care In Michigan

Below are some common questions about Medicaid and Medicare in Michigan. You can learn more about eligibility and protecting your assets from “spend down” on our Medicaid Planning page.

Does Medicare cover the costs of long-term care?

Medicare covers certain “skilled” nursing services and in-home care costs for a limited period of time and only under certain conditions. After that, Medicare does not provide coverage for long term care costs.

Do I have to spend my life savings before I can qualify for Medicaid?

No. With proper planning a majority, if not all, of your assets can be protected from Medicaid “spend down.”

Is it too late to protect my assets from Medicaid “spend down” once I become incapacitated or have applied for Medicaid?

Maybe. The options available to you will depend upon your situation. An attorney experienced in long term care and Medicaid planning can explain your remaining options, if any.

Will the State tell me how I can protect my assets and still qualify for Medicaid?

No. While the State agencies are helpful, they will not explain how to protect your assets from”spend down.”