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Planning for Flexibility in Your Trust

As any estate planning attorney will tell you, estate planning is important, because the future is uncertain. But it is that very uncertainty that makes estate planning more difficult. In the past, estate planning options, like certain trusts, offere… Read More
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Can a Trustee or Attorney-in-Fact Be Compensated?

A trustee and an agent under a power of attorney are fiduciaries, meaning they are obligated to act honestly and ethically in the best interests of the person granting the power. Acting as someone’s trustee or agent (also called an attorney-in-… Read More
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What to Do When a Family Member Dies

The first minutes and hours after a loved one dies are very emotional for everyone. Before even having had a chance to process the death, grieving loved ones need to take certain steps and are faced with some very important decisions. This time can b… Read More
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Who Gets Mom’s Ceramic Chickens?

Unlike money, personal belongings usually cannot be divided equally after their owner passes away. For this reason, distributing possessions like furniture, jewelry, dishes, silverware, artwork, photographs or clothing is often the most difficult cha… Read More
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What Legal Rights Does a Trust Beneficiary Have?

Many people believe that a trust beneficiary has no rights other than to just “wait and see” what the trustee of the trust distributes to them. However, trust beneficiaries typically have certain rights in relation to the trust. The rights of a t… Read More
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New Guides Help Those Appointed to Manage Someone Else’s Money

Have you been officially asked to manage someone else’s money? For example, have you been named as an agent under a power of attorney or appointed trustee of a trust? As our society ages, more and more people are being asked to take on these roles,… Read More
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Online Service Helps Executors Locate Financial Info

One of the most challenging things for many executors is trying to locate and organize the decedent’s financial information, such as insurance policies, and bank and investment statements. Faced with that problem after their father died in a car ac… Read More
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The Estate Tax Expires, But….

The Good – The Estate Tax Is Repealed, For Now Effective January 1, 2010, there is no longer a tax on the estates of those dying during 2010. Although Congress may reinstate the tax retroactively in 2010, perhaps as part of broader tax reform, this… Read More
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