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Amy Winehouses Death Illustrates Importance of Estate Planning

Amy Winehouse had many ups and downs during her short life, but it appears the singer/songwriter left behind an up-to-date and ironclad estate plan. Winehouse’s tragic death at age 27 illustrates why you are never too young for a will. Winehouse an… Read More
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Online Service Helps Executors Locate Financial Info

One of the most challenging things for many executors is trying to locate and organize the decedent’s financial information, such as insurance policies, and bank and investment statements. Faced with that problem after their father died in a car ac… Read More
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The Estate Tax Expires, But….

The Good – The Estate Tax Is Repealed, For Now Effective January 1, 2010, there is no longer a tax on the estates of those dying during 2010. Although Congress may reinstate the tax retroactively in 2010, perhaps as part of broader tax reform, this… Read More
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How to Obtain the Best Possible Results in Probate Court

In most cases, if you have a well prepared estate plan, you can avoid the costly, stressful, public, and lengthy probate process. Without an estate plan, or in situations where disputes arise over your assets and affairs, you will likely end up in th… Read More
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How To Make the Probate Court Process Easier

With proper estate planning, the probate court can be avoided. However, even if someone has failed to plan ahead to prevent their estate from going through the probate court, it is sometimes possible to take probate “short-cuts” which lessen the… Read More
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