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Guardianship Changes Announced by Michigan Supreme Court

The issue of adult guardianship caught the attention of many Americans this year amidst the drama over Britney Spears’s 13-year guardianship and the singer’s effort to take control over her life and decisions back from her father. Few guardianshi… Read More
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Lifetime Probate & How To Avoid It

One of our firm’s primary goals is to assist our clients prepare an estate plan that prevents any unnecessary probate court involvement. However, for those who have not done the planning required to avoid probate, it may be necessary for someone to… Read More
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New Guides Help Those Appointed to Manage Someone Else’s Money

Have you been officially asked to manage someone else’s money? For example, have you been named as an agent under a power of attorney or appointed trustee of a trust? As our society ages, more and more people are being asked to take on these roles,… Read More
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