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Understanding FDIC Insurance

Against the backdrop of difficult economic times, investors have become increasingly concerned about the security of their investments. The FDIC is an agency that insures funds on deposit with certain banks and savings associations. The FDIC recently… Read More
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The New Medicaid Gift Rules

There have been a number of changes to the Medicaid rules over the last year. The most significant changes relate to the impact that making a gift has on a person’s ability to qualify for nursing home Medicaid benefits. If you or anyone you know ma… Read More
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Web Sites to Assist with Health Care Decisions

Someday soon you may be paying more of the bills for your healthcare. In theory, this will motivate you to be more selective about the doctors and hospitals that you use, and to put more effort into comparing healthcare costs. However, for that to ha… Read More
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Fighting Identity Theft

Deter Identity Thieves As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To safeguard your personal information and deter identity thieves, you should adopt the following habits: 1. Always shred personal documents before you discar… Read More
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Health Insurance for Early Retirees

If you are considering an early retirement (before you reach the age of 65), you will need to address the issue of medical insurance coverage. Although the options for such coverage are limited, there are several alternatives worthy of consideration.… Read More
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