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What is a Holographic Will? (Why You Shouldn’t Create Your Own Estate Plan)

If you’re not familiar with the term “holographic will,” don’t feel bad. It’s not often heard outside of law school classrooms, and it’s just a legal term for a handwritten will that is signed by the person making it, who is called the te… Read More
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Lesson Learned from Will of Jim Morrison

Although rock legend, Jim Morrison, died in 1971, his Last Will and Testament highlights a misunderstanding in estate planning that is still common today: What happens to the balance of a bequest when the beneficiary dies? The Doors lead singer’s W… Read More
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Estate Planning For Second Marriages

Getting remarried can be a joyous event, but it can also make estate planning more complicated. Adding additional family members to your life can make it much richer and happier However, when deciding how to provide for the surviving spouse at the de… Read More
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The Perils of Owning Assets Jointly

Joint ownership arises where two or more people own an undivided interest in an asset or property. When one of the owners dies, the entire ownership passes automatically to the surviving joint owner without going through probate. Because the use of j… Read More
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