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Michigan Enacts an Estate Recovery Law

The Bad News On September 30, 2007, Michigan enacted a law that authorizes the creation of a Medicaid Estate Recovery Program (“MERP”). The MERP will allow the State to recoup the cost of benefits paid from the estate of an individual (and perhap… Read More
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Health Insurance for Early Retirees

If you are considering an early retirement (before you reach the age of 65), you will need to address the issue of medical insurance coverage. Although the options for such coverage are limited, there are several alternatives worthy of consideration.… Read More
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Welcoming Karen A. Resseguie to Our Firm

We are proud to announce and welcome to our firm Karen A. Resseguie. Ms. Resseguie is a licensed registered nurse, certified case manager, and certified risk manager, and in that capacity will assist our clients and their families in several importan… Read More
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PBS Caring For Parents Online Broadcast

On April 2, 2008, PBS aired the broadcast “Caring for Parents”. Unfortunately, the network will not be airing the broadcast again locally in the near future. However, PBS has made this broadcast available to watch online. We highly recommend that… Read More
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Without a Durable Power of Attorney, Your Estate Plan is Incomplete

A “Durable” Power of Attorney (”DPOA”) should be a part of every estate plan, regardless of whether you are using a will, a living trust, or do nothing at all. A DPOA is a legal document in which you appoint someone, called an “agent” or… Read More
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