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Watch Out For These Four Coronavirus Scams Aimed at Seniors!

During any public crisis, there are always bad actors who come out of the woodwork with scams designed to take advantage of people’s confusion or fear. The current coronavirus pandemic is no exception, unfortunately. Older people are, in general, a… Read More
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The Top Ten Scams Targeting Seniors in 2019

Older adults have always been a popular target for con artists and scammers. They tend to be well-mannered, hesitant to shut the door in someone’s face or hang up the phone on a persistent caller. And there is a reason that those trying to part sen… Read More
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Understanding the New Protections for Nursing Home Residents

When older adults enter nursing homes and long-term care facilities, they shouldn’t have to check their safety, dignity, and control over their lives at the door. New federal rules are being rolled out to assure nursing home residents have more… Read More
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What is Predatory Marriage Phenomenon?

Picture this: an elderly man lives alone. He needs assistance, but his adult children are too far away or too busy to care for him. He hires a caregiver, a much younger woman. She is kind and attentive, never too busy to listen to him. In turn, he ma… Read More
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Top Financial Scams Against Seniors (and How to Fight Back)

Older Americans often to have two things in common: a lifetime of careful savings under their belt, and a desire to do the right thing. Unfortunately, those two admirable traits can also make them vulnerable to scammers. Below are some of the top fin… Read More
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Preventing, Recognizing, and Responding to Financial Abuse of the Elderly

Elderly people, especially those in need of regular care, have always been vulnerable to abuse. In the difficult economic climate of the past several years, that has increasingly included financial abuse. Unlike physical abuse, in which bruises or br… Read More
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Report Reveals Thefts from Nursing Home Trust Funds

An investigative report has found that many nursing homes are mishandling resident’s funds. USA Today found 1,500 cases where nursing homes were cited by state and federal regulators for mishandling funds held in resident trust accounts or failing… Read More
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Time Share Sellers Beware

In these tough economic times, thousands of time-share owners are anxious to dump their beachfront albatrosses. But it can be tough. Indeed, last year, time-share sales dropped by 40 percent. Preying on this period of desperation, self-proclaimed “… Read More
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Health Care Law - Scam Alert

Many of the provisions of the new health-care law have not yet been implemented, yet a new wave of scans seeking to exploit the uncertain ease of a new health-care law have already begun. State insurance commissioners and attorneys general are warnin… Read More
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IRS Alerts Public To New Identity Theft Scams

The Internal Revenue Service reminds consumers to avoid identity theft scams that use the IRS name, logo or Web site in an attempt to convince taxpayers that the scam is a genuine communication from the IRS. Scammers may use other federal agency name… Read More
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