Benefits of Having a 529 Plan

You have probably heard of so-called “529 plans,” even if you haven’t looked into getting one. If you have children or grandchildren whose education is important to you, though, you may want to investigate 529 plans to help ensure t… Read More
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The Big Surprise in Aretha Franklin's Estate

Aretha Franklin, who died last month at the age of 76 after battling pancreatic cancer for years, will forever be the undisputed Queen of Soul. Unfortunately for her heirs, despite her long illness and having trusted attorneys on retainer, she had no… Read More
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Categories: Estate Planning

The Tax Benefits of Home Ownership After Tax Reform

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, enacted in 2017, was the first major change to the U.S. Tax Code in decades. Suddenly, what taxpayers had accepted as gospel all of their adult lives was no longer necessarily so. We have received many questions from client… Read More
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Categories: Tax Planning

Financial Mistakes to Avoid at Every Age

From the time you receive your first allowance until you draw your last paycheck, you are making decisions about money: what to spend, what to save, what to invest. In every season of your life, the choices you make affect your financial well-being d… Read More
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Should You Co-sign on a Student Loan for a Child or Grandchild?

College is increasingly expensive, and long gone are the days when students could pay their college expenses with the earnings from a summer job. More and more students are relying on loans to pay for college, and many of those are private student lo… Read More
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Categories: Finances

What You Should Know About Getting Married Later in Life

When you think of newlyweds, you probably imagine a blushing bride and dashing young groom with their whole lives ahead of them: buying a home, having children, building careers, and eventually retiring to enjoy the grandchildren. Finding love and st… Read More
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Discussing Estate Planning With Your Parents

Discussing estate planning with your parents as they age is an uncomfortable prospect. You don’t want to be seen as prying, or worse, as if you’re greedy and want to get your hands on your inheritance. But avoiding the subject in order to… Read More
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Disaster Preparedness: What You Need to Know About Your Homeowners Insurance

Do you have a homeowners insurance policy? Terrific! Do you know exactly what if covers? Probably not. And if you are counting on it to protect you from any one of a variety of natural disasters, you may find out, too late, that your coverage isnR… Read More
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Categories: Finances

Retirement Checklist: Ten Things to Do Before Retirement

Retirement has always been off on the hazy horizon, but suddenly, it’s coming into sharper focus. Sure, you’ve always saved for your retirement, but it never seemed quite real. Now, it’s not that far away, and for the first time, yo… Read More
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Categories: Elder Law, Finances

The One Surprising Thing You Can Do to Live Longer

We’re constantly bombarded by news about things we should—and shouldn’t—do for the sake of our health. Sometimes, the very thing we’re told to do one year, we’re told not to do the next! It can be confusing to navigate the… Read More
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