Mental Health Issues for Seniors

Not so long ago, people who found themselves struggling with mental health issues kept it to themselves. Mental illness has long been stigmatized in a way that physical illness simply is not. Fortunately, the taboo on talking about mental illness is… Read More
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What Does Biden’s Tax Plan Mean for Step-Up in Basis?

During the 2020 presidential campaign, media coverage of the candidates’ tax plans was largely limited to income tax, most notably Joe Biden’s assurances that families earning less than $400,000 annually would not see their income tax increase. B… Read More
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Working From Home: Tips for Success

Little more than a year ago, many people would have said that the opportunity to work from home sounded like a dream. One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and working from home is a reality for many people. And while it may have seemed like a great n… Read More
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Eight Tips to Maintain Brain Health as You Age

If the TV commercials for supplements to enhance brain health are any indication, people are concerned about keeping their brain healthy, especially as they age. It’s a valid concern; most of us know someone who has suffered from Alzheimer’s or o… Read More
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Take a Number: Important Tax and Retirement Planning Numbers for 2021

As you are probably aware, the Internal Revenue announces cost-of-living-adjustments (COLA) each year that increase the amount of certain tax deductions, thresholds, exclusions exemptions, and change contribution limits for retirement planning. If yo… Read More
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Five Mistakes to Avoid During Health Insurance Open Enrollment

It’s that time of year again: the crackle of dried leaves underfoot, a crisp bite in the air, and pumpkin spice everything on menus. That’s right: it’s open enrollment season for health insurance. If that last line made the happy images of autu… Read More
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Prepaid Tuition or 529 College Savings Plan: Which is Best?

In the late 1970s, a student at a private college paid the modern equivalent of $17,680 per year to attend a private college. If that student went to a public college, total costs were just $8,250 per year. Fast forward 30 years, and those costs had… Read More
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Not All Probate is Created Equal

In general, when someone in Michigan dies owning property in their sole name (rather than jointly with someone else, or in a trust), that property must go through probate. Although the probate process is not as burdensome as many people believe, it c… Read More
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Is Long-Term Care Insurance Still a Good Idea?

Financial advisors have long advised their clients to consider long-term care insurance. It’s been a solid recommendation. Nursing home care has always been expensive, and in recent years, the cost has become astronomical: annual costs of $100,000… Read More
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Five Travel Tips After COVID

Most of us had plans to travel somewhere more exciting in 2020 than the path between the couch and the kitchen. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has scuttled countless plans for ocean cruises, bus tours and flights to exotic locales. To make matters worse, af… Read More
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