The SECURE Act and Other Changes to Federal Tax Law on the Horizon

Like most Americans, you have probably just breathed a sigh of relief that the tax season is over and your taxes (hopefully) are filed. Thinking ahead to changes in tax law for 2019 and beyond is likely the last thing you want to do right now, but pl… Read More
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Categories: Tax Planning

Surprising Facts About Aging in America

“Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.” -Maurice Chevalier Most of us have heard, or made, jokes to this effect: that aging is awful, but at least it’s better than being dead. And The Who (most of whom didn’t get their wis… Read More
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Categories: Elder Law

What is Cognitive Screening, and Who Needs It?

What would you say if you found out that your doctor completely skipped a recommended part of your annual wellness visit? If you’re over 65, there’s a pretty good chance that she did. And chances are, you didn’t even notice, much less say anyth… Read More
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The Seven Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Every person with Alzheimer’s is unique, and each person has their own experience of this disease. That said, most people progress through seven stages, and it can be helpful for loved ones to understand the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Un… Read More
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What Child Care Really Costs (and How to Get a Break)

Once upon a time in this country, people had large families to help them work the farm. These days, if people choose to have large families, it is usually not for the economic benefit. Raising children in America in 2019 is expensive, and one of the… Read More
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Categories: Finances

What You Should Know About Your Parents’ Finances

Your own money issues are probably on your mind daily: paying the bills, saving for retirement, perhaps putting your kids through college. You may even be worried about your kids’ financial future: will they rack up too much student loan debt? Be a… Read More
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Categories: Finances

Can Beneficiary Designations Replace a Trust?

Living trusts have become increasingly popular in the past decade or so. For many people, this estate planning tool is a straightforward way to pass assets directly to their intended beneficiaries on death, while bypassing probate. Recently, we have… Read More
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Categories: Estates & Trusts

What to Do if You Inherit Property Out of State

People move around much more these days than they did decades ago, and are more likely to have rental or vacation property outside the state where they live. These facts, in addition to the reality that children grow up and often move several states… Read More
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Categories: Death Probate

Passing Down Items With Sentimental Value

If your house were on fire and you had to escape with only one item, what would it be? For many people, the answer would be an item that might not be terribly valuable—at least by conventional standards: Mom’s rolling pin, Grandpa’s den… Read More
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Categories: Estate Planning

Choosing an Agent for a Power of Attorney

There’s a fun new game on the market that involves teams of players pretending to be spies, trying to guess the code names of “secret agents” via clues given by a teammate. The players need to pay close attention; choosing the wrong agent could… Read More
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